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You know what they say, employees leave not because of the business but because of the managers.

At  Brightbox  we understand the desire to increase employee retention rates, but are you doing all that you can to keep an employee once they've made it through the hiring process? 

  • 2 min read

You may have seen our Social Media or email list hinting at an upcoming surprise, well the time has come to share what we’ve been hiding…

As of September 7th we will be joining with the ROMA®️ Foundation to collaborate on a charity campaign called, “Give Poverty the Boot!” with the goal to send out at least 10,000 boots by December.

Why? Well, for being a company that encourages intentional, thoughtful giving through service and kindness, we wanted to take it one step further and be intentional about serving people around us through our actions. Or in other words, walk the walk versus walk the talk.

  • 2 min read

We've had two months of summer vacation for the kids, but how much of it was just you trying to relax with your little hoodlums that you forgot to actually go out on vacation? So here are some last-minute end of of summer activities from Shea that are not only family friendly, but budget friendly!

  • 2 min read
At Brightbox we wanted to take the opportunity to share a bit about the people from behind the scenes that help make Brightbox, well, Brightbox! We talked with the company founder, Gina Porter, to learn more about how Blush + Bloom came to be along with tips and tricks for those looking to start their own business.
  • 4 min read
Happy Employee, Happy Work Life. That’s how the saying goes right? During the COVID pandemic of 2020 there has been a surge in unemployment that have left businesses scrambling to fill positions. In addition, several working men and women are leaving jobs due to being overworked, stressed, and lack of recognition. So how can you keep the employees you have happy?
  • 4 min read
Happy Father's Day! Okay, it's a little early but here at Brightbox we want to make sure you keep your favorite child status and remind you that Father's Day is just around the corner. Which means being prepared for a flurry of Dad Jokes, white grass stained tennis shoes, and perhaps a BBQ. Plus getting the perfect gift for him!
  • 3 min read

Its not just us who thinks that sending curated boxes is a bright idea 💡

Kristen Reasch, owner of the Builds by Kristen gives us her review of Brightbox's curated boxes like the Sunshine Box and our Confetti Cards. Take a look and check it out!

  • 2 min read
From us to you, we want you to know someone is always in your corner when it comes to fighting those invisible battles. So take a minute to read, share, and help spread joy to others. Everyone should know they're not alone out on the battlefield.
Everyday Reading's review of Brightbox products like the Confetti Card, Customizable Gift Boxes, and Curated Gift Boxes that are designed to help brighten your day or a gift for someone you love!
  • 2 min read

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