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It only takes $6 to send a pair of rainboots!

Brightbox is teaming up with ROMA® Foundation to bring children and families hope, love, and lasting change by donating a brand new pair of rain boots, investing in their education and creating jobs in their communities.




Donate and deliver 10,000 rainboots to
women and children in need.


For as little as $6, your gift provides a

brand new pair of brightly colored

rain boots for women and children.

How can you help?

Option 1

Donate at checkout

Even 1 or 2 dollars will make a difference. Simply add your donation at checkout.

Option 2

Donate in the Add-On Section

Donate as you're building in the Non-ProfitDonate section of building your box. Your recipient will receive a card that says,"A pair of rainboots was donated in your name" with information about ROMA® and a ROMA® sticker!

Option 3

Send a sock box!

Send a $12 Sock Box to a loved one and a pair of boot will be donated in their name!

Why Rainboots?

If your basic needs aren’t met, then your higher needs can’t be met. Shoes are an important tool in fulfilling one of those basic needs. So why rain boots? Rain boots are a necessity in cold and wet climates, but can also be worn in dry and arid climates as well. As a result of improper infrastructures, children are often forced to walk through harsh conditions without proper footwear. When children lack proper footwear, their feet are exposed not only to harsh weather conditions, but other harmful elements as well such as cuts, insect bites, infections, or parasites. Rain boots provide that protection. ROMA’s goal is to keep children’s feet safe and dry so that they can enjoy and live their life to the fullest!


Brightbox was built by givers.

This has always been a priority in my life and as Brightbox grows, I believe we can do more and do better as a company.

Robert South said it best, “If there be any truer measure of a man than by what he does, it must be by what he gives.”I wholeheartedly believe this.

If there be any truer measure of a business than what they do, it's what they give.


As we continue building a brand based in thoughtfulness, our team has committed to putting our time and attention to causes we are passionate about. Partnering with ROMA® Foundation stands as a symbolic first step in establishing giving back as a life long company commitment to do more and do better.

- Shea Workman, Founder and CEO of Brightbox


Samuel Bistrian’s story begins in the remote village of Benesti in Romania. This little community is where he experienced firsthand the struggles of living in a Communist controlled country. Bistrian received his first pair of rain boots, passed down from his siblings, when he was six years old. At the age of eight, the Communist regime fell and as a result, his family seized the opportunity to migrate to the United States.

Brightbox is Giving Poverty the Boot!

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