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Brightbox x ROMA Foundation Collaboration: The Journey to 10,000 Boots

You may have seen our Social Media or email list hinting at an upcoming surprise, well the time has come to share what we’ve been hiding…

As of September 7th we will be joining with the ROMA®️ Foundation to collaborate on a charity campaign called, “Give Poverty the Boot!” with the goal to send out 10,000 boots!

Why? Well, for being a company that encourages intentional, thoughtful giving through service and kindness, we wanted to take it one step further and be intentional about serving people around us through our actions. Or in other words, walk the walk versus walk the talk.

For those of you wondering, “What is ROMA®️? I’ve never heard of it before in my life!”, this blog post is going to be all things ROMA®️.

What is ROMA®️?

ROMA®️ Foundation is a non-profit organization that makes sustainable rain boots and donates them to women and children who live in areas of poverty in the world. They partner with their fashion store with a buy one boot give one boot campaign or collaborate with other businesses (like Brightbox) in raising funds to donate towards new boots.

Who started the foundation? Why?

The foundation and adjoining business was started by Samuel Bistrian. Samuel lived in a rural town in Romania where it was common for children to go without footwear for long periods of time, Samuel himself only receiving a pair of hand-me-down boots from his older siblings at the age of six. Soon after, his family immigrated to The United States of America. Later in life, he went back to Romania where he was shocked to see the state of poverty the Romanians were in. Most notably was the lack of shoes for children. With determination to make a change Samuel with a college degree in Fashion design in hand, started a For-Profit organization called ROMA®️ Boots and simultaneously began his infamous non-profit, the ROMA®️ Foundation.



Where do they help?

The ROMA®️ Foundation is becoming a fast growing organization, having originally started out in helping “Give Poverty the Boot” in Romania, they have spread out to over 30 countries that are located on 5 different continents. For this particular partnership, we are completing our initial 10,000 boots to a country in need in South America. If we are fortunate enough to have more boots donated above our goal they will go to children in need in Afghanistan.


Wow, this is such a cool opportunity, how can I help?

You all can help us at Brightbox make a difference and be a part in “Giving Poverty the Boot” by donating! Surprisingly enough it doesn’t take much for boots to be made, and Brightbox has set up 3 easy ways to help donate and brighten a child’s day. If you go to our ROMA®️ X Brightbox page  here, we can walk you through the best ways you can help.

We are always grateful to our customers who help support our company mission to brighten a million days, we hope to see you be a part of something a little bigger and #noticegoodpeople.

As always, stay kind Brightbox squad.


The Brightbox Team

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