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Why Your Team Also Deserves A Little Extra Love

Valentine’s Day. A day that is often celebrated with couples, close friends and family. Well what about all your work buddies or employees? Valentine’s, yes, is about love. But it doesn’t always have to be romantic love that is celebrated. It could be about the love of a team that is willing to give their 100% to a task, or a co-worker who makes you feel like you’re a part of something bigger than themselves. It’s about the love and appreciation we have for our employees who help us realize our dreams into a reality, it’s about a boss who has taken a chance on you to work with and grow with. It’s the type of love that HR would term, “employee appreciation”.

So what are some ways that employee appreciation can be shown during the month of love and appreciation with people who we have meaningful connections with:

  1. Say it!

Tell your employees! Publicly acknowledge their accomplishments. Here at Brightbox we have a tradition at our weekly team meetings where everyone has a chance to give a “shout out” to a co-worker and recognize them for the big things and the small things. It’s one of our favorite things to start off the week! Everyone is able to bond together which helps us work more conducively. There are other variations out there such as the retailer Macy’s encouraging supervisors to write recognition cards for their employees. 63% of people are more willing to stay at their current jobs for the next three to six months compared to those who receive no recognition.

2. Show it!

They say actions speak louder than words, so make your actions count! Take your team out for lunch, send a $5 Venmo for them to get their favorite drink, or give the team a much needed day off. Take a team wide Mental Health day to help encourage employees to take the time they need to prevent burn-outs and validate your employees needs outside of work life. Recognition comes in many forms, but  65% of employees strongly agreed that rewards that are not cash payments were remembered longer.

3. Talk the Walk, Walk the Walk

You say you want to know how to make your team better or how to improve a work situation. Well accept the feedback! And not only accept it, try to implement it if it’s a good solution. Nothing brings more pride and genuine appreciation than knowing that your idea or thoughts could help fix a problem or enact change within the company. Even if it doesn’t work, knowing that your bosses valued your opinion and made an effort to implement it speaks volumes! Nothing is more frustrating than giving feedback or advice to help a situation and having it immediately being waved off without so much as a second thought.

We created the  Appreciation Box to celebrate National Employee Appreciation Day on March 4th. Filled with office supplies and extra goodies, it’s sure to make employees feel a little extra special and noticed!

Here at Brightbox we have thought long and hard about how we can assist in the effort to help businesses not only retain employees but to also change the work environment paradigm. 

So we’ve decided the best way to do so is offering bulk orders geared towards business employee appreciation! 

Our business account executives, Kenzi & Jenna, are always ready to help meet the needs you may have for your business. Whether that’s ordering from our  curated box collection, sending out mass confetti  cards, or assisting in creating a  customized box order just for you, we strive to help you and your business to have a brighter day with a closer team through thoughtful, affordable gifting.

Interested in creating an order? Fill out our contact form  here and we will reach out to you within 24 hours!


The Brightbox Team

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