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Brightbox: Send Some Sunshine Through BrightBox! Best Care Packages Ever!

May 2021, Courtesy of Kristen Reasch, Owner of Builds by Kristen

There has been so many times in my life that I wanted to send someone a little care package to let them know I  am thinking about them or I  am thankful for them! Before I  found BrightBox I  would search Amazon and end up paying an arm and a leg to send a package worth sending! Now that I  have found BrightBox there are SO many amazing options to choose from starting at $5, yes $5! I found BrightBox a year ago and have sent so many of these cute boxes! Let me show you them!! 

Brightbox curate box or build a box with treats

How cute are they!? There are SO many more options on their website! Go take a look! You won’t be disappointed and you will probably find one to send to someone today! Also they come out with holiday additions, so right now they have some Father’s Day boxes ready! During winter I  sent a cute mug, hot cocoa, and some warm socks to my cousin and she loved it for winter! So make sure to check back for the holidays, all of them haha, trust me! You will be addicted to sending these out, but I have to say this is probably the best addiction you can have! You are brightening someone’s day each time you send one! 

These boxes are SO affordable and offer free U.S. Shipping! You can customize them with different cards and add a personalized note! So many occasions and reasons to send one of these! Birthdays, get well soons, congrats, new babies…etc!! So many!

If you use code “Kristen3” you can get a free add on (up to $3) in your next BrightBox purchase! I absolutely love this company and everything it stands for! Now go brighten someones day! Best feeling ever!

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